The Atlantic Current magazine, published by Dustin Wright in Delray Beach, Florida, asked if they could accompany me on a photo shoot for a feature story. I suggested photographing kite surfers as it’s visually exciting and because it would give me an opportunity to showcase my water-photography experience. Fortunately the day and location we agreed to meet at had strong winds and Juno Beach is a haven for kite surfers.

Though there was some pressure to produce printable images I nonetheless went with a mindset of having fun and doing what I know to do. My only concern was the uncertainty of the light but fortunately the sun shown brightly and the water was warm. Dustin was there to document the shoot and between the two of us we compiled a nice set of photographs which made the cover and lead story of the July/August 2022 issue of the magazine.

Of course not all photographs can make it into a magazine story but a blog has no limits so hear are a few more from the day:

Kite surfing at Kite Beach in Juno Beach, Florida