diving into the Bahamas

6/7/10: A quick summation of this week’s Picture of the Week. I’ll be joining these boys in the Bahamas for the rest of the week and there’s a good chance that by the time you read this I’ve already dove in and I’m hunting for lobsters! I am going to try my best to keep posting PoW over the next couple of months but I can’t promise. Summer is here and I’ve got me a new pair of ‘traveling shoes’ to wear-in. Any one tired of all the BS the world keeps throwing at us is welcome to join me.… Continue reading 

6/2/10: “Side by Side”, that’s the title of this week’s Picture of the Week. I selected this image to signify the beginning of summer after this Memorial Day weekend. (Sorry to my Southern Hemisphere friends). Many of you as I am are feeling the pain of a sunburn after a long weekend of beach side/pool side/lake side frolicking. It’s not an easy day today to get back in the swing of work or to finish up with final exams of another school year. However, once this week is done summer begins in earnest and I suggest you invite your partner,… Continue reading 

So what makes a school of mullet swim at a frantic pace and jump out of the water? Well, I might have one answer. It was a beautiful September afternoon at Reef Road in Palm Beach, Florida that saw glassy four foot waves rolling in and a plethora of surfers maneuvering to ride them. The conditions were excellent for water photography and with water housing in hand and fins on feet I swam out to capture some of the action. As the afternoon rolled on I began to notice large black shadows moving underneath the surface of the water, which… Continue reading 

Classic; Soulful; SOUL ARCH! That’s Blair Markham during the epic “Halloween Swell” of 1991 at Wilderness, Puerto Rico. I’ll never forget this swell nor will anyone else who witnessed it. The day before this photograph was taken I was in Palm Beach, Florida when the “Perfect Storm” formed off the northeast United States. Boats were sunk and people died but to surfers it was a time to witness ocean swells of giant proportions and for some a time to test their skills and strength at paddling into and riding seldom seen waves.

human hand touching seal

I’m traveling on the South Island of New Zealand and come upon some good waves with a few surfers riding them. I hang around to check things out when I befriend a local surfer. We talk and he learns that I’m traveling around with my son taking in the sites and looking for new experiences. Hearing that he tells me of a foot path along a creek in from the ocean that leads to a waterfall and pool where some 30 or so baby seals are left for the day by their mothers while they go feed. It’s kind of… Continue reading 

First of all this image was made in Charleston, South Carolina; now the fun part! I asked these boys to walk past this mural as they bounced their basketballs and I quickly snapped three frames. As you can see the basketball transforms into the letter “O” in the word “pastors”, perfectly placed between the dots; cool, huh? Of course, all this was done in the computer with Photoshop, nothing real here. Come on, what are the chances of actually capturing an image like this in one pass? Well sorry digital gurus, you’re dead wrong!