surfboard shaper

He is given six photographs to choose an inlay for a surfboard from but skips over the obvious choices (waves or anything relating to surfing). Rather he chooses an image that doesn’t make sense, figuratively or literally. I knew then that I was working with an individual willing to take a chance, make a statement and stand by it! Matt Kechele is said person and the shaper of what would become the sixth surfboard in my Surfboard Art project. His ‘outside the box’ thinking assured me I’d be working with a shaper who, like the others that preceded him, would… Continue reading 

Photographic panels

The City of Boynton Beach, Florida put out a call to artists for an Art in Public Places project. Nine six foot by six foot cement slabs are offered to place art in outdoor public locations. Once a year artist compete for the spaces and money that is given by the city for a year’s lease of the art work.

magazine tear sheet

(As seen in the LUXE Magazine blog.) Recently I shot a “quick” (client’s love to use that word) portrait for LUXE magazine, a local favorite of the high end, fashionable set in South Florida. The photo would run as a full page black and white and it was important to showcase part of the store. I had one hour to set up, test and shoot. Arriving sight unseen my subject, Tracy DeRamus, proved to be a very friendly woman with an attractive smile. Her store, Circa Who in West Palm Beach, though crowded with a variety of trendy furniture, mirrors,… Continue reading 

surfboard, shaping, balsa, wood

Decisions, Decisions I am excited to introduce “Sunrise Lines”, a balsa wood surfboard shaped and glassed by Juan Rodriguez of One World in Sarasota, Florida. Ricky Carroll, shaper of “Crystal Lip”, had introduced Juan to my work and as I was contemplating my next project the phone rang. It was Juan.  

surfboard with photograph

“Pink Hibiscus”, surfboard #4 in the Tony Arruza Collection, is completed and as with the prior three boards it is an eye-catching and unique piece. For those not familiar with this project the goal is to come up with 15 boards by 15 shapers from which to mount gallery shows from. This personal project is a marriage of two life long passions, photography and surfing.

Balinese men at a cockfight

Nostalgia has no relevance in the forthcoming observation. My comments, instead, are entirely based on photographs taken thirty years ago. I find these long-forgotten images to have a look and feel seldom seen any more. Whether this is good or bad is a subjective point of view. If living in the past keeps one from advancing in the future so be it. However, living without a knowledge of history only keeps the wheels spinning in place and makes a person unwise. Please note that these images depict the use of animals for man’s enjoyment which many of you may find… Continue reading