elderly couple hiking up sea side cliff

Morning Commute. This morning as I commuted to work from my bedroom to my office on the opposite side of the house, I fondly remembered this elderly couple in the Azores. Their commute to work was a bit different and made me glad to have remembered theirs.

  My latest surfboard art was created in conjunction with award winning shaper Ricky Carroll of RC Surfboards in Rockledge, Florida. The inlayed image, titled “Crystal Lip” (#1 of 10), is from a series of recently photographed wave lips. It evokes purity in motion and makes a striking and dramatic image on this, my third surfboard inlay. From the outset it was truly a collaborative effort. Ricky suggested a 7″ 4″ semi-gun style, big wave board and a color resin tint job on the opposite side of the print. This would be the first time we would accent a color… Continue reading 

lip of a breaking wave

A lip about to unfold. The lip of a wave at the very moment the off-shore winds begins to shape it, to give it texture, to add crescendo and a few extra seconds to its fleeting life and to give meaning to the unseen, undulating water molecules before all of it crashes, dissipates, is no more. It would be sad except another wave soon follows and the process of this final act begins all over.

woman lyingon beach with oncoming wave

A mysterious woman is awash by the oncoming waves. A few days earlier I was photographing the movement of water along the tidal line. The light was of the sky’s reflection at dusk and the combination of water and camera movement created surreal effects.

young couple kissing

Taken in Tongoy, Chile. I love walking the streets and being a fly on the wall. Technical details: Ektachrome 200 35mm transparency film

girl with a smile and teddy bear

Sometimes the worth of an image is how it makes the viewer feel. I hope this one makes everyone feel a little happier or at least bring a smile to your faces. Little else needs to be said about this week’s PoW. Technical details: Nikon D2Xs Nikkor 24-85mm f/2.8-4.0 lens focal length set at 80mm 1/180 @ f/4.0 ISO 100