surfing a large wave

Pipeline Perfection. The perfect wave, the perfect position and the perfect day, it all adds up to the ultimate surfing experience: Getting barreled at Pipeline on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii. The fortunate surfer is Takayuki Wakita from Japan. At this moment he is experiencing an incredible rush of adrenalin of which very few surfers, let alone non-surfers, have ever experienced. Lives of surfers have been claimed by the five foot reef that lies underneath Takayuki making this ride and all others at Pipeline a truly death defying act. Athletes are judged on levels of performance. In the case… Continue reading 

woman's shadow on surfboard

Picture of the Week, 9/13/10: “Shapes Designs”, the Al Merrick decal says it all. One other quick note about this image that those who like photographing may be interested in: I had not visualized or thought about taking an image like this when Loreal, the model, and I set off one morning to photograph. My plan was to make photographs of Loreal paddling a surfboard showing an above/below water perspective.

Surfing in Palm Beach, Florida

This week’s PoW was taken last week while Hurricane Earl brushed the US East Coast leaving in its wake little destruction but plenty of good, quality surf. I had been surfing for two solid days and by the end of the second day began to feel guilty that I hadn’t taken a single photograph. When my arms would not paddle anymore I finally grab a camera and took a few shots as the swell began to subside. I love the composition, symmetry and sense of location this image has and the touch of color provided by the two background ships.… Continue reading 

humorous sign

As you drive by this roadside novelty/tourist shop in the Florida Keys you can’t help but glance at the bright colors that jump out and scream, ‘stop tourist!’. Naturally, being a photographer I have every right to stop with out being labeled a ‘tourist’ . . . or so I tell myself.

Zorbing in New Zealand

Land Down Under from Nikon. If you click on the above link it will take you to the web site of Nikon World. There you can view and hear an audio visual presentation of a recent magazine profile they did of my New Zealand photographs.

surfboard photograph inlay

The second in my collection of surfboard art is a combination of a 6’0″ retro-fish design surfboard shaped by Ron Heavyside, owner and master shaper of Nomad Surfboards, and the Giclée print entitled “Mullet Chase” by Tony Arruza. The idea of inlaying a fish photograph on a ‘fish’ type surfboard came easily