boy and girl in school classroom

This week’s image was chosen to celebrate the return to school here in Palm Beach County. While it may not be a happy day for those 13 and older (the younger ones still think of school as fun) there is nonetheless lots of anticipation, excitement and renewed bonding with new and old friends as both young and old return to the classroom.

One view of two distinct worlds; one above water and the other below the water. In one there is a lady paddling a surfboard and in the other there is a second lady casually swimming underneath the first. Both women are stylish in their posture, confident in their concentration and each one effortlessly propels herself through the water.

lazy dogs, Nicaragua

The “Dog Days of Summer” is well illustrated in this image. Taken in a sleepy fishing village in Nicaragua one can’t help but feel the stillness (except for the young girl running in the background), laziness and heat in this picture and how important the pursuit of a good shady spot is in the middle of the day. I also like the fact that taking a break from the ever present heat (aka ‘stress’) and grind of daily life is just as important as is chasing a dorado off the coast, a cat in the alley or the challenge to… Continue reading 

colors on water from boat reflections

The colorful hulls of fishing boats reflecting on water. The photograph was made in the southern port of Ancud, Chile. It was a calm day allowing the water to act as a mirror. A bit of wave action was all that was needed to swirl the boat and sky reflections into abstract color patterns. I love how something so simple can actually appear complex and dare I say psychedelic! (NOTE: All Picture of the Week images are available for purchase at where you can view the ever growing collection. Prints in three sizes and finishes can be bought inexpensively… Continue reading 

birds, sea gulls by pool

While I’m aware that a few weeks ago I published a PoW photo of a bird I could not resist but do the same again this week, though in this case the bird (or rather birds) are sea gulls as oppose to the tern from the 6/22 PoW. It was, to put it mildly, a rather surprising, entertaining and wild weekend and the only thing I can think of this Monday morning is how nice it would be to sit pool side over looking the ocean in the Bahamas, which is exactly what these lucky sea gulls are doing. My… Continue reading 

domestic chore, man raking, old Ford

This week’s Picture of the Week was inspired by yesterday’s 550 mile drive to Columbia, South Carolina. It was there that I had a rendez-vous to pick up Aidan from his three week stay at grandma’s. I love the Old South! Something about it tugs at my heart’s string and whenever I step into this part of the world a deep tranquility comes over me.