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It was not an easy day. It was a long, at times cold, other time scary and constantly challenging day. Furthermore there was no reason to put myself through this ordeal. After all I was skipping out on my responsibilities of work, you know the kind that puts food on one’s table and furthers a career. Instead I was working on self-indulging my physical and mental senses, not to mention copping an adrenaline rush. The payoff? A day of rejuvenation, of feeling alive, and maybe a bit of creative reward. The alarm sounded at 6 a.m. A check of the… Continue reading 

I’m not sure if I should refer to the hand shaper of board #14 in the 15 Surfboards by 15 Shapers project by his name, Jim Phillips, or his alter ego, ‘The Genius.’ In actuality there is little that differentiates the two personas, though I do believe there is a transformation that happens when a piece of wood or foam is placed in Jim’s hands. It is at that time that one witnesses a true genius at work. Prior to meeting and working with Jim I asked the previous shapers in the project to suggest a top shaper/craftsman from Southern… Continue reading 

Like most who have witness the effortless gliding of pelicans through and over the trough of waves, I am spellbound by the beauty and grace of their formation flight. I have never made a conscious effort of photographing this spectacle of nature though I have captured numerous images of these birds when by happenstance a camera is in hand. However, one thing I’ve done only once or twice in my career is photograph them from a water vantage point of view. Seeing them as a surfer would and photographing them as such has always been a goal of mine. Of… Continue reading 

In mid-May of 2013 I was contacted by the advertising agency SapientNitro in Miami Beach with a job offer to photograph an advertising campaign for the Florida Tourism Board entitled Visit Florida. The opportunity was fantastic, though the timing was terrible! For nearly a year I planned a photo trip to Indonesia and was set to leave on July 3rd. I wasn’t sure if time would permit me to shoot the campaign. The job entailed much traveling and numerous shots that required a great deal of production work. Fortunately M2 Productions, a company with experience in handling large operations, agreed… Continue reading 

Woman's face as she walks by

Whispering Wind. The link above takes you to a short youtube video about a woman walking in and out of the camera’s view point. The feeling is mysterious as an unrecognized, out-of-focus subject becomes recognizable as quickly as she disappears. However the sound of lapping water on the shore of a beach and a soft guitar rift takes the edge out of the sequence. In the end one is left with nothing but a whisper of a unknown woman. On the technical side this was shot with an manual focus 85mm Nikon lens set on a tripod and focused at… Continue reading 

portrait of woman with blue eyes

It began with wanting to photograph my friend Lauren’s beautiful blue eyes. The how and where would come later. My initial thought was to focus only on the eyes using a macro lens. I’m guessing this was because it’s an image that has been ingrained in memory from countless similar shots seen in the past. However, I wanted to push in a different direction. I decided to work with a fast prime lens, the Nikon 85mm f/1.4 manual focus Nikkor, on a Nikon D3 camera and to shoot under the belly of the Lake Worth Pier in Lake Worth, Florida.