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I’m sure most photographers have aspirations of where they’d love to see their work published, exhibited or collected. For me that included The Surfer’s Journal (TSJ), a fine-art quality, very respected publication that’s printed bi-monthly, has minimal commercial ads and dwells deeply into photography, journalism, culture and art. Every issue is an inspiration and often leaves me wondering if my work is worthy of its highly, thought-out pages. At times I would submit recently photographed images and would receive a “thank you for thinking of us” response but nothing more. Still, I could not, would not, give up and tried… Continue reading 

As with most people in the United States when news of COVID-19 (at the time known only as coronavirus) first hit the airways in January 2020 I didn’t think much of it. Even as the first deaths attributed to the virus became known in February there was no panic, urgency or even much worry. We all continued with our everyday life which for me was making final preparations for a return trip to Greenland in early March. By the time I boarded my flight from Orlando to Reykjavik, Iceland (you cannot fly directly from the US to Greenland, must fly-in… Continue reading 

JUNGLE FALL – Legendary by Association. While still in Hawaii, and after finishing Pat Rawson’s The Wall, circumstances and good fortune allowed me to complete a second surfboard. This other surfboard would become the twelfth in the collection of the 15 Surfboards by 15 Shapers project. It would be no average surfboard, however. In any field or profession there are those that with hard work, motivation, innovation, excellence and certainly through time and demand become legends. Whatever they produce, by sheer name association, becomes collectible if not legendary. Dick Brewer and Jack Reeves are two such legends and they are… Continue reading 

Balinese men at a cockfight

Nostalgia has no relevance in the forthcoming observation. My comments, instead, are entirely based on photographs taken thirty years ago. I find these long-forgotten images to have a look and feel seldom seen any more. Whether this is good or bad is a subjective point of view. If living in the past keeps one from advancing in the future so be it. However, living without a knowledge of history only keeps the wheels spinning in place and makes a person unwise. Please note that these images depict the use of animals for man’s enjoyment which many of you may find… Continue reading 

silhouetted men posing

Five fingers, five guys wearing hats, carrying sticks and looking cool. There’s but one thing to do, take a picture! I was hitch hiking through the Republic of Transkei, a homeland area for the Xhosa speaking people within South Africa, when I came across these guys who wanted nothing more than to show off for the camera, though others may think differently.

Witches Rock and Santa Rosa National Park, Costa Rica

Witches Rock in the Santa Rosa National Park, Costa Rica. This is a seldom seen view of the famous surfing landmark. It was taken half way down the trail head that begins on the Pan American Highway. Most surfers travel by boat and thus are not afforded this scaled back view of the rock.