boy and girl in school classroom

This week’s image was chosen to celebrate the return to school here in Palm Beach County. While it may not be a happy day for those 13 and older (the younger ones still think of school as fun) there is nonetheless lots of anticipation, excitement and renewed bonding with new and old friends as both young and old return to the classroom.

This grade school image was taken in Choloma, Honduras. I love the concentration and perseverance this boy and girl exemplify over the lesson they are working on. In a way they are teaching us that it takes as much give and take to learn as it does to teach. Wouldn’t it be great to keep that attitude throughout our lives?

School may not always be fun but then neither is work. So to all the school kids out there as well as everyone else, keep learning and keep teaching because sooner or later we all hopefully learn that life is a game of give and take.

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Technical details:

  • Fuji RDP 35mm film
  • ASA 200
  • available day light