Aug. 8th, 2014

Surfboard Benefits Charity

B.A.T. Surfboard with “Down The Line” print.

When a second B.A.T. surfboard was shaped by Brian Tudor and adorned with the #2 of 8 “Down The Line” print I envisioned it being ridden by a skilled surfer that I could photograph to showcase the ‘functional art’ aspect of my Surfboard Art Project (SArtP). The pictures could then be used to promote the functionality and aesthetic beauty of a hand crafted surfboard with an in-layed original photographic print. What I did not foresee was donating it to charity.

An astute intern at the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) came across one of the boards from the SArtP while perusing the internet. The board, “Mutant”, was shaped by Kevin Cunningham and displayed on the Spirare website. Taking an interest in what she saw, she followed the board back to my web site and the SArtP link. There she saw the collection of boards. She was following this trail in search of donations for use in a silent auction. The auction would be held during a private luncheon in Montauk, New York and benefit the NRDC.

Upon receiving an email requesting the donation of a surfboard my immediate thought was ‘I’d love to help but this is a bit much to ask’. However, I remembered the #2 “Down The Line” and even though it had cost a good deal of money to have it made I thought the potential for exposure and the benefit an environmental organization would receive was worth the contribution.

I flew the board to New York and, even with it being peak season, spent a relaxing three days in Montauk. The day of the luncheon was beautiful and a nice gathering of mostly New Yorkers arrived for the outdoors luncheon on the banks of Lake Montauk. The lunch was hosted by The Crow’s Nest restaurant and guests spent time paddleboarding, listening to live music and sipping rum punches, locally brewed beer and sparkling water. Afterwards they were treated to a healthy lunch featuring locally caught stripe bass.

Among those attending were Frances Beinecke, President of NRDC, and Sarah Chasis, Senior Attorney and Director of Oceans Program for NRDC. Both spoke of the perilous state of our oceans and fisheries but made note of the many specific actions that NRDC has taken with positive and encouraging results and what future plans held.

Frances Beinecke, President of NRDC
Frances Beinecke, President of NRDC

All the while the silent auction continued as did the bidding for the surfboard. At the end of the bidding a winner was announced with the full amount of the final bid, $6500, going to NRDC.

Bidding for a cause
Bidding for a cause

Gaining a greater insight into NRDC and having the opportunity to meet its President and some of its officials I was honored and proud to have contributed to a deserving and meaningful organization. It’s an organization determined to protect our oceans, the wildlife and wild places of this planet and to ensure a safe and healthy environment for all living things. They work tirelessly to curb global warming and create a clean energy future, to protect our health by preventing pollution, ensuring safe and sufficient water, and fostering sustainable communities. I may not always have an extra surfboard in the waiting when an intern calls but I did this time and I’m glad she did!

A win/win!
A win/win!

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Leah Taylor
Leah Taylor

I have enjoyed watching the progress of your surfboard project and would like to feature it on my blog ,

If you are interested in doing a show , I would like to discuss with you

Best regards,

Leah Taylor

Tony Arruza
Tony Arruza

Thanks, Leah, and yes I’d love to be featured on your blog. Please contact me at your convenience.