The Surfboard Art Project

No two are the same. Each has an inlaid photographic print. Each is fully functional and pays tribute to those who sculpted, laminated, sanded, pin-lined and polished with nothing more than simple tools, their hands and their eyes. Separate, the artwork and the surfboard stand on their own; together, they speak of and for each other and truly become art.

15 Surfboards by 15 Shapers


To collaborate with traditional craftsmen who hand-shape custom surfboards and combine their talents with my photographs. The project would pay homage to those behind the surfboard and create art from two mediums.


Exquisitely crafted, aesthetically pleasing surfboards with a laminated pigment-ink print. Embellishing the surfboard with a photograph is, for me, honorable. I wish not to deter but to accentuate. Not to clutter but to add appeal.


Begin by discussing the technical and aesthetic merit of the board and the image that will adorn it. The board is then crafted and finished. However, never were we to loose sight that, first and foremost, it was a surfboard that was being constructed — not a canvas in the shape of a surfboard.


Functional art where the surfboard could work equally well in the ocean or as a stunning display on a wall. The challenge laid in making each board stand out from the rest. It is a testament to the individuals involved and their propensity for creativity and perfection that the challenge was met with success.

Each board carries the signature of its shaper and the title and limited edition series of the print.

Together or individually they are one-of-a-kind collectibles. They will enhance space and invigorate the imagination.

For pricing information please contact the studio.

The Book


“One of the most beautiful odes to surfboards ever created. Each shape, each shaper, and each shaping process is lovingly detailed–even the glassers get some love, a rarity in our shaper-obsessed world. That makes
every page of 15X15 a thing of lingering beauty–a page to savor, not a page to flip. A must-own tome for every surfer.”
Nick McGregor, Editor, Eastern Surf Magazine

  • 128 pages
  • 4 colors
  • ISBN 978-1-5136-0915-7
  • 10″x7″
  • $30.00