My introduction into photography was simple: An amphibious camera and a couple of rolls of black and white film. There was no education, training, or mentor to guide me. I had little clue of what I was doing other than having fun. From this beginning a passion grew and I managed to create a successful career in photography. I traveled, shot much of what I liked to shoot, licensed stock images and worked for some fabulous editorial and commercial clients. In essence I was given a license to create and make a life out of those opportunities.

Along the way I learned more than just the technical side of photography, I also learned to see. By that I mean I allowed my eyes, heart and thoughts to guide me through the process of making images. Of course nothing comes easy in life or photography that’s worth attaining. Inspiration and creativity comes in many forms and flavors. You can wait for enlightenment if allowed the time or, when under the pressure and constraints of an assignment, dig deep within to find it. This I learned with experience.

Today I continue with the quest to learn, to allow my vision to grow, my heart to have empathy and my mind to wonder off the beaten path.

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