I’m sure most photographers have aspirations of where they’d love to see their work published, exhibited or collected. For me that included The Surfer’s Journal (TSJ), a fine-art quality, very respected publication that’s printed bi-monthly, has minimal commercial ads and dwells deeply into photography, journalism, culture and art. Every issue is an inspiration and often leaves me wondering if my work is worthy of its highly, thought-out pages. At times I would submit recently photographed images and would receive a “thank you for thinking of us” response but nothing more. Still, I could not, would not, give up and tried… Continue reading 

The Atlantic Current magazine, published by Dustin Wright in Delray Beach, Florida, asked if they could accompany me on a photo shoot for a feature story. I suggested photographing kite surfers as it’s visually exciting and because it would give me an opportunity to showcase my water-photography experience. Fortunately the day and location we agreed to meet at had strong winds and Juno Beach is a haven for kite surfers. Though there was some pressure to produce printable images I nonetheless went with a mindset of having fun and doing what I know to do. My only concern was the… Continue reading 

First a quick background on the images. I love swimming in the ocean with a camera when the weather is rough and/or ominous. In this case the camera was a Nikon Z6 fitted with the NikkorZ 14-30mm f/4 S lens. To keep the equipment dry it was placed inside an Outex underwater housing. There are many days of doing this that I come back with little to show, lighting can be flat or subject matters simply do not appear. However in this case I was fortunate to have a few quick burst of sunlight combined with dramatic clouds and even… Continue reading 

As with most people in the United States when news of COVID-19 (at the time known only as coronavirus) first hit the airways in January 2020 I didn’t think much of it. Even as the first deaths attributed to the virus became known in February there was no panic, urgency or even much worry. We all continued with our everyday life which for me was making final preparations for a return trip to Greenland in early March. By the time I boarded my flight from Orlando to Reykjavik, Iceland (you cannot fly directly from the US to Greenland, must fly-in… Continue reading 

The 15 Surfboards by 15 Shapers—aka 15X15—project was completed in August of 2015 when the 15th surfboard was shaped and finished by Bob McTavish and his team in Byron Bay, Australia. However, two more things needed to be done to properly conclude the project. The first was a book, something I had not planned on. Not until late into the project, after amassing a large collection of images while documenting the making of each board, did I begin contemplating the idea of a book. It seemed inappropriate to not give proper documentation to the work that went into 15X15. Thus… Continue reading 

Surfboard art #15 – The Beginning, the final chapter in this saga known as 15 Surfboards by 15 Shapers. I stood looking down at the board that Bill McLean had just finished glassing and became emotional thinking back to how far this project had come. It didn’t start five years ago with the first surfboard, Firo’s Pipeline. No, it goes back much further. Back to when my father bought me a surfboard at the age of 13 and I fell in love with surfing. Back to when he gifted me my first camera, an amphibious Nikonis III, for graduating a… Continue reading