“Silver Lining” taken at Phipps Park in Lake Worth, Florida 2020
“Ray of Hope” taken at Phipps Park in Lake Worth, Florida 2020

First a quick background on the images. I love swimming in the ocean with a camera when the weather is rough and/or ominous. In this case the camera was a Nikon Z6 fitted with the NikkorZ 14-30mm f/4 S lens. To keep the equipment dry it was placed inside an Outex underwater housing. There are many days of doing this that I come back with little to show, lighting can be flat or subject matters simply do not appear. However in this case I was fortunate to have a few quick burst of sunlight combined with dramatic clouds and even a spot shower. Moments like this can be fleeting and never appear again but no matter, if you happen to be in the right spot at the right time and ready with camera it becomes your lucky day.

During the edit these two images stood out from all the others and eventually found a place in the galleries of my website. After that I did little to promote them. However after some time they caught the attention of an art dealer who was working with a client in need of new wall art for the home. The art dealer suggested these two images, amongst others from various photographers and artists, for the specific need and look the client had in mine. Fortunately for me the client chose these two. The real surprise came when I was told the size they wanted, 44″ high by 66″ wide, and that they be dye-sublimation onto aluminum prints.

Fortunately the files were large enough and sharp enough to withstand the enlargement and working with Blazing Editions lab in East Greenwich, Rhode Island we were able to create huge prints of very high quality. An inch and a quarter aluminum edging further enhanced the finished piece.

The swim in the dark and stormy ocean proved worthy of the effort it took.

Silver Lining, 44×66 aluminum print, upon arrival and uncrating
Ray of Hope, 44×66 aluminum print, upon arrival and uncrating