woman on train track

Imagine if you are the conductor of a freight train and cruising along  with not much going on and maybe even bored with the day’s monotonous clanking of the wheels. You suddenly take a glance down the track and you see a sight that is quite the contrary to any you’ve seen the last few hours and for that matter in the ten years you’ve been on the job.

‘Is that really a tall, long legged woman wearing red, high-heel shoes’, you ask yourself? ‘And why is she holding a skate board?’ The obvious answers are ‘this job is wearing on me’, ‘I shouldn’t have drank last night’  or ‘if mirages exist this is as good and zany as they get!’.

Who knows what really went  through the conductors mind but for now I’ll let you, the viewer, decide what his answer or comment might  have been and think about what you might have said had you been the conductor. As for the real answer as to what this tall beauty was doing staring down an oncoming freight train and why the skateboard, well, you may want  to ask  her; that is if she’s real!

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Technical details:

  • Nikon D3
  • Nikkor 85mm/1.8D
  • 1/5000 @ f1.8
  • ISO 200
  • NEF (RAW) file converted using Nikon NX2