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portrait of woman with blue eyes

It began with wanting to photograph my friend Lauren’s beautiful blue eyes. The how and where would come later. My initial thought was to focus only on the eyes using a macro lens. I’m guessing this was because it’s an image that has been ingrained in memory from countless similar shots seen in the past. However, I wanted to push in a different direction. I decided to work with a fast prime lens, the Nikon 85mm f/1.4 manual focus Nikkor, on a Nikon D3 camera and to shoot under the belly of the Lake Worth Pier in Lake Worth, Florida.

magazine tear sheet

(As seen in the LUXE Magazine blog.) Recently I shot a “quick” (client’s love to use that word) portrait for LUXE magazine, a local favorite of the high end, fashionable set in South Florida. The photo would run as a full page black and white and it was important to showcase part of the store. I had one hour to set up, test and shoot. Arriving sight unseen my subject, Tracy DeRamus, proved to be a very friendly woman with an attractive smile. Her store, Circa Who in West Palm Beach, though crowded with a variety of trendy furniture, mirrors,… Continue reading 

balsa wood surfboard

A couple of months back surfboard #3 of my surfboard/art project and he was impressed with what we had done. I was delighted with his request to use an inlay design on one of his beautifully hand crafted, and expensive, solid balsa surfboard. The inlay would be placed as a lengthwise strip that measured 7’6″ long and 5″ wide on either side of the center stringer. The inlays that I’ve created for my personal boards are the full width and length of the bottom of the board. To create a one photograph inlay of the proportions Ricky wanted was close… Continue reading 

Woman standing under tree

There’s this vine engulfed tree that for months and even years has captured my imagination. It sits not far from my house and I drive by it periodically. I’ve asked those that life near it about it but they know very little. All I know is that this tree sits on an empty, sand filled lot and is clothed in a strange vine. No one is sure the type of tree it is nor of the vine. All anyone knows is that the tree still stands and the vine no matter how many times it’s cut back just keeps on… Continue reading