Strong composition, balance and symmetry plus a bit of drama adds to the allure of this image that was recently made on the North Island of New Zealand. In addition the calmness and reflection of the water helps to soothe the otherwise dramatic elements (weather, dominant graphics, bright light) in the picture. Technical details: Body: Nikon D300 Lens: Nikkor 12-24mm f/4 G lens with focal length set at 12mm was used Shutter speed: 1/400 sec. Aperture: f/10 ISO: 200 Metering: Matrix


It took a while to come up with the right material, an image that would fit and figuring out a few printing technical issues but once I did my idea of laminating an original photographic Giclee print came to fruition. The finish product is both beautiful and stunning.

Here are a series of photographs that I made on two consecutive cold winter days in South Florida. The weather was unusually cold for these parts with north west winds and clear atmospheric conditions. Furthermore short period swells were constantly coming on-shore. The effect of all this was crystal clear water, small waves and off-shore winds that smoothed the surface of the ocean. The waves where beautiful but lacked energy and were too small to photograph in their entirety. However the conditions and light were almost perfect and there was something I needed to focus the camera on.

For years I’ve enjoyed putting together slideshows upon returning from overseas travels. My friends and family found them entertaining and it was a fun way of sharing my experiences and photography. Originally the shows were shown on a single Kodak Carousel Projector and later they evolved to where I was using multiple projectors with synchronized sounds for a true multimedia experience. The one constant I always incorporated in my shows was a kick-ass sound track; there might have been a few critical comments about the images but never about the music! Today of course the world has been digitized and… Continue reading 

Surfer taking off on a wave

Seems like there’s been plenty of reason to head to the beach these days (late fall/early winter in South Florida). The weather has cooled (trust me, it’s no fun going to the beach when the air temperature is 98 degrees, the sand is 90 degrees and the water a balmy 88 degrees), the surf is picking up again and the college girls and boys are back in town!

Woman standing under tree

There’s this vine engulfed tree that for months and even years has captured my imagination. It sits not far from my house and I drive by it periodically. I’ve asked those that life near it about it but they know very little. All I know is that this tree sits on an empty, sand filled lot and is clothed in a strange vine. No one is sure the type of tree it is nor of the vine. All anyone knows is that the tree still stands and the vine no matter how many times it’s cut back just keeps on… Continue reading